Welcome to the class homepage for ENGL 306-02, spring 2016 (Business Writing). Here you can find the syllabus, assignment descriptions, discussion page for posting in-class writing responses, and a link to the shared Google Drive folder. Most of our work this semester will take place on this page, with the exception of final assignments submitted on Blackboard.

Class description: Business communication encompasses many written genres that are crucial forms of communication in any professional setting: emails, resumes, cover letters, reports, grants, presentations, and countless others. Regardless of what profession you choose, one thing is certain—you will be writing. While we cannot cover every type of document you may be asked to write, we will learn about many genres, skills, and strategies that will prepare you to handle writing tasks you may encounter in the future.

The central theme of this particular course is writing as social action. Writing is a form of action that accomplishes goals, educates and persuades others, creates communities, and makes change. A particular focus of our course will be social and cultural entrepreneurship (using business skills to solve social issues).

We will spend much of the semester studying how organizations use business writing to advance causes related to social justice. Ultimately, you will choose an issue that is important to you and research problems and solutions related to this issue. In a final group project, you will develop a business plan to address this issue on a local level.